Maggie & Bianca Selfie Stickers

Data Collection

Maggie & Bianca Selfie Stickers (Melazeta srl) app do not collect any sensitive data from the user that should be specially protected.

Data Privacy

In any case, any data stored in the server (contact messages and meta data) follows the privacy policy guidelines by Italian Law (LOPD).

Phone Features required

The features requested depend on the utility of the app. This list includes all permissions that could be requested by our apps.

  • Internet and network access: to send contact forms and display advertising.
  • Camera access: We use the camera to take pictures and videos to interact with app.


In the app the  in-app purchases (in-app billing) can be made to get access to more content or to more features.

In any case, refund is available. If you want a refund you can contact us through with your purchase id and ask for a refund.


You can contact us for any other question, clarification or comment to