Bologna gets in the game!

WunderBo is a videogaming project to introduce young people to the world of culture. The App is downloadable for free and it was born from the collaboration between the Municipality of Bologna, Bologna Museums and the University Museum System.

WunderBo leads to discovery the museums of the Emilian county seat: the players are invited to retrieve historical artifacts from the collections of the Medieval Museum and Palazzo Poggi. The goal is to collect this series of mirabilia by keeping them in a personal digital Wunderkammer.

The historical figures of the naturalist Ulisse Aldrovandi, the collector Ferdinando Cospi and the scientist Luigi Ferdinando Marsili accompany the players in this undertaking, while also illustrating the treasures enclosed within the two museums.

After completing the digital phase of the game the users are encouraged to visit the museums in search of the last missing objects: part of the collection is unlockable with a reale-life visit by framing the appropriate markers to activate the digital replica in your Wunderkammer.



Comune di Bologna


iOS e Android


tablet, smartphone


italiano, inglese