The United Nations wanted to raise awareness of potential visitors to EXPO 2015 on the issues of the ”Zero Hunger Challenge”, what it means to fight hunger in the world and achieve the Zero Hunger objective.

We create the App game “UN-GET TO ZERO” the mechanics of which offers two different paths: in free-play mode or on site in EXPO. The game consists of a ludic part, proposing a classic “15 puzzle” based on high-emotional impact images and a step quiz, the questions and answers of which stimulate personal thought.

In the on site version, when visiting the EXPO, the app proposes a challenge activated by the Qrcodes on the 18 “Blue Spoon” totems around the exhibition site, devoted to various topics.

By checking in at least 7 QR and correctly answering the respective quizzes, player can sign their own Zero Hunger Challenge Declaration and obtain a virtual UN passport to share on their social accounts.

The App is available on iTunes and Google play.


App iOS e Android, HTML5, tab Facebook.




iOS e Android


tablet, smartphone


italiano, inglese, francese




puzzle game, quiz, expo challenge